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Old Town, Sweden

Alley in Old Town, Sweden
Fireworks. Atlanta, GA
Prices of My Images
Prints of these and any other of my quality pictures are available for sale. (Model pictures not for sale.)
5x7 $35
8x10 $75
11x14 $125
Poster(20x30) $250
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I have an entire portfolio I am more than happy to share with people. Checks should be made payable to Stafford Trading.
Office: (404) 812-5360
Studio: (404) 459-0800
Cell: (404) 488-6953

Photography is but one of my great passions in life. My other passion pays a "little" better. I have been a stock and commodities trader for 11 years. Click below to go to my site on successful trading.

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Old Town, Sweden